Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm Back!

Hey Friends and Family! I was a huge slacker for a few months but I do have some good excuses... I promise. Anyway, now that life has slowed a little bit for the time being I wanted to get back in the blogging habit!

So when I stopped blogging I was still working (that is why I had so much computer time---Shhhh, don't tell my boss!) My husband and I made the decision for me to leave my job and start helping on apartments and focusing on Mary Kay! The day after my last day of work We left for our first anniversery trip to London, England! It was so much fun and we got to see so many things that we have always wanted to see! I promise to have a few pics of the trip up soon!

We Got back from London and had a week to get ready for our annual Lake Powell Trip! The trip was fun like always and again I will get pictures posted of that one too! Soon, Soon!

When we got back to civilization I checked my messages and found out that Green River High School was looking for a head volleyball coach! I applied, and partly because no one else applied for the job I got it! It had made the summer a bit of a scramble but I have loved it so far!

And now for the biggest news of all!!!!!!! The day after I got home from Lake Powell I found out that I was going to have a BABY! I am so happy! I have wanted to be a mom for so long and it will finally become reality! Our little bundle of joy will arrive around February 11, 2009! This is the 10 week picture! All of my friends said that the first one will just look like two blobs but I could really see my baby! He or she is already taking after it's dad because it was showing off and moving like crazy while we were watching! It was the best moment in my life! Definitely love at first sight! We find out what we are having on the 23rd of September so I will keep you all posted!