Monday, November 2, 2009

STATE Champs!

Just wanted to let you all know and BRAG on my volleyball girls a little bit! The Green River Volleyball team brought home their first ever State Title! Pictures are on their way!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's been a while!

Well it is 4am and I can't sleep so I thought maybe I would go ahead and get semi-caught up on my blog! The past few months have been crazy with volleyball and being a mom, but we have had some fun time too!

Jocelyn's Blessing was so fun! We had family and friends to share the day with and she looked so cute in her dress! My dad did an amazing job with the blessing!

With Great Grandma Dean! Her first try of watermelon! She loved it!

Playing with Tara!

She had so much fun with al her friends and family! Thanks to all those that were there for making it such a special day!

Uncle Rob came to visit in August and when he comes we can always be sure of some great pictures with his big fancy camera! Here are a few!

Grandpa Shantz and Baby J having some play time!

Definately one of my favorites!

Enjoying some time out at the Gorge!

I have been snapping pictures here and there when we are just hangin out! Here are some of my favorites!

This is one of the weekends that Aunt Jodi came to watch the baby! Jocelyn loves Aunt Jodi!

Like Tanessa, Jocelyn's favorite toy is my cell!
A mini Eric look!

And here are some of my NOT favorites...

The other day I was thinking I had not added FB Photos for a while, so I went and grabbed my camera! I proceded to download all the photos... To my surprise I found these wonderful pics! I guess this is what happens when dad babysits! Notice that she is actually touching the ear!
Yes.. and we may as well get Grandpa Norm in trouble too!
Well that is a bit of a highlight of the pat few months! I will try to be a little more dilagent about keeping caught up!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I just wanted to let everyone know that we are blessing Jocelyn this Sunday (the 9th) at 9am in Green River! You are all invited and I hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A well traveled baby!

This has been Jocelyn's home for a lot of her first 4 months! Thank Goodness she likes her seat for the most part. Either that, or she is just a good natured baby that is good no matter where she is sitting! I will start with last weekend and go backward from there, with all her trips so far!
Last weekend: We went to Pocatello for a softball tourney! Eric came along to watch Baby J while I played softball! The weather was super nice and I think baby J enjoyed softball and all the busyness! No picture!
On Friday the 29th we were in Evanston for a softball game and Kristi was in town for her 30th birthday! Jocelyn and Tanessa got to meet again! They were a little bit more interested in each other this time!

Tanessa wanted to touch Jocelyn's face the whole time they were together! It was so cute!
The mom's decided to switch for a little bit!

When we got home from Evanston that afternoon Eric and I did some much needed yard work while Baby J hung out in her exersaucer.

2 Weekends ago:We went to St. George and Vegas! On Saturday we were in Vegas for my friend's wedding!

Jocelyn didn't go to the wedding but she did go see the lions and dolphins at the Mirage!
After that we did some shopping in Vegas! Look what Grandma Bruce bought her!
On Sunday we hiked in Zion for the day! Jocelyn loved it and was able to hang out with dad all day!
The weekend before that we went to CAsper! I coached volleyball and Baby J Hung out with Tara all day and was so good! All the parents were so impressed with how good she was!
Before that we were in Havasu for 10 DAYS! Jocelyn got to meet Cousin Natalie and hang out with both sets of grandparents! Here are some pictures from that trip!
Hanging out with Grandpa Bruce!

What a cute couple of cousins!
Playing with dad at the pool!
This is what she did for most of the 12 hour ride home!

In her short life she has also been to Denver, Rawlins volleyball Tourney, Salt Lake a few times and Evanston more then a few times! I don't know how she would handle it if we ever have to stay home for very long!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jocelyn's First Friend

Kristi was up for a couple of days visiting Jen, and I decided to go crash the party for a couple hours!
Tanessa and Jocelyn are getting to know eachother! Tanessa Knows one thing, momma should not be holding another baby!
What a cute couple of cousins! (I do mean the babies of course :))
fat feet/skinny feet!

It was so fun to see Kristi and Tanessa again! Tanessa is growing up so much and gets cuter every time I see her! You should see this girl's eyelashes! AMAZING! I can't wait for our girls to be great friends!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Adventures of BOO!

My dog Boo HATES my sister's Husband Matt! Partly because Boo is afraid of his own shadow and doesn't usually warm up to anyone and partly because Matt thinks everything in his life is put there for his own experimentation purpose ("what will Boo do if I try to take him UP the slide" or "what will Boo do if I hang him upside down"). So needless to say if Matt is ever at my moms house when Boo is there Boo stays as far away as he can!
This weekend we went to the Solomon Center in Ogden and Jodi, Matt , and my hubby Eric went surfing. Matt's swim trunks got left in my vehicle. I was doing laundry yesterday and I washed them. I went into my room to put some of the piles away and left Matt's shorts lying on the floor. You have to understand that my dogs are pretty good and they never mess with things I have lying around. When I came back to the living room I see Boo ATTACKING Matt's Shorts! When he saw me he stopped instantly! I could not stop laughing! I tried to get my camera and make him do it again but he wouldn't. So there is no funny picture but I will never get it out of my head!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pulling my Hair out!

So I have decided to try to get Baby J on a schedule of sorts! I am absolutely going crazy!
According to this book (a very good book) I have been doing EVERYTHING wrong! At this very moment I have been listening to her scream for approx. 45 min. She is not used to being on a schedule and is not capable of settling herself down for a nap. They say this will get better and it will be better for the baby in the long run! Hopefully it does soon! I am at my witts end!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

23 Reasons that I Celebrate My Sis, Jodi!

23 years ago today I got one of my favorites gifts ever!
It is my sister's bday today so I wanted to tell you all why she is the greatest sis on earth!

1. She is a supportive Sister!

2. She is a loving wife!

3. SHe is always up for an adventure!

4. She is all about her family and would do anything for any of them!

5. She is the best Auntie EVER!

6. She is always up for a girls day Pedicure!
7. She is one of the only people I know that loves concerts as much as I do and she a great concert buddy!

8. She as always been a great example to me even though she is 4 years younger!

9. She is not only a great sister but also a great Mary Kay Sister!

10. Her smile can warm a room!

11. She cares about every single person in her life!

12. She always has a camera ready to capture life's precious memories!

13. She has been this close to Kyle Korver. Doesn't that just make you want to kiss her???

14. She is adored by anyone she meets!

15. She is a great vaction partner!

17. She is the best kind of GOOFY!

18. She is someone you can laugh with!

19. She has always been there for me!

20. She cheers fo the right team.

21. Her Favorite things are family, friends, babies and puppies!

22. She has goals and never gives up on them. Even if it means having a full-time job while going to school full-time!

23. She is my best friend and more than I deserve in a sister!