Monday, March 31, 2008

Mary Kay!

As I sat at Career Conference this weekend I realized how lucky I was to be in a company that is this great! If it was not for my beautiful cousin and sister I would not have ever thought about doing anything like this! I would not have never made some of the lasting friendships that I have made and I would have never felt the sense of self worth that I feel! If I think about it my "job" is helping women follow dreams and making women feel special! There is nothing I would rather do! We had a great time at Career Conference and I count my blessings each day for what God has brought into my life!

These are two dear friends that I have had the opportunity to get to know better! Two amazing women! I will have more pictures when Jodi sends them to me! Love you guys!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Top 25 Things I loved about my 26th year!

As my birthday came this year I thought a lot about how amazing the last year has been! I decided to come up with a list of the 25 things that made my life amazing while I was 25. Here they are (in no particular order)...
1. Meeting Eric. I admire him so much and know that he has made my life great! I never thought I would meet a person that is as hard of worker as my Grandpa Bruce was. He is loving in his unique way and I only hope to fulfil his life as much as he has mine!
2. Meeting all of Eric's Friends and Family. As if I didn't already have the greatest family and friends in the world, when I met Eric I inherited some more totally awesome ones!
3. Training for a Marathon. Although I have never been a runner (I used to get so nervous before track events {in MIDDLE SCHOOL} that I would loose my cookies!)I decided I wanted to be a 1/2 Marathon Runner! The training was awesome and it was something that I could not Procrastinate (one of my biggest downfalls). Each day after work I went and ran... I found that I love running and I love the way it makes me feel!
4. Running in the Rock n' Roll 1/2 Marathon in Phoenix, AZ. Loved the experience. My favorite part was crossing the finish line! I am proud to say that I ran the whole thing! The hardest part began in between mile 11 and 12. I wanted to start walking so bad but I pushed myself! I realized that a person can do anything they want to do if they want it bad enough.

5. Getting Married to a Wonderful Man! there are so many reasons that I love Eric! I was lucky to find him and I am lucky that he feels the same about me! Our wedding day was one of the best!
6. My Sis Getting Married. As you all know seeing someone you love happy is the best feeling in the world.
7. Coaching the sport I love. I have been given the opportunity to coach the JV team at Rock Springs High. I love volleyball and I love that I get to learn even more about the game from a different perspective.
8. Seeing Havasupi Falls. This is the most beautiful Place in America (that I have seen at least!) We hiked down the Grand Canyon to stay in a village, that is only accessible by Helicopter and by foot. It was amazing, they had a hotel, running water, a cafe, a post office, and the most beautiful scenery ever. About a mile away from the village was the most beautiful waterfalls! They are bright blue because of the algae in the water and they are massive! I will go back many more times!

9. Going on a Hawaii Honeymoon. 2 Weeks in Hawaii! I must be dreaming right? It felt like a dream! Saw three of the islands and so many awesome experiences! I loved it!
10. Learning to Wake Board. It is one of my favorite things to do! It took me way to long to learn but thanks to my patient husband and brother-in-law I got it down! I learned how to do a "fakie" so maybe by this summer I will be jumping! Wahoo!
11. Shooting my first deer and antelope. Maybe I did not love this but I did love what I discovered about myself!
12. Realized I am too much of an animal lover to shoot animals. Enough said, although my husband is quite disappointed.
13. The best Super Bowl I have seen since the 49ers won it (1995 was it???)! When I can't root for my team I always love the underdog!
14. I Realized that life is too short to waste. I lost a dear friend and past Coach to Breast cancer. She was not even 40 yet and she had fought it for 4 years! She lived each day to the fullest and had an awesome (although short) life. I will LIVE everyday!

15. Having the cutest Puppies in the world!

16. Growing my own business. Gaining knowledge, sense of self, and going on target to earn a free car just my helping women feel great about themselves!
17. Getting to see some of my old friends in Iowa. Although the circumstances were not great it was great to see some old friends.
18. Seeing my first NASCAR race. And realizing that is the last one I ever want to see. But hey, It was memorable.
19. Discovering my Love for riding on the back of a Harley with my Hubby!

20. Belize.
21. Honduras.
22. Cozumel.
23. Cayman Islands.
24. The Cruise.
25. Seeing My Grandpa and Grandma Dean turn 80.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wedding Pictures

I wanted to Post a few Pictures of the Wedding for those of you who were not able to attend!! It was such a fun day thanks to all the family and friends that helped out!! I could not have done it without my Mom or My Cousin Kristi (if anyone needs a wedding planner she would make a great one)!!

My Grandma Bruce has made a quilt for each one of her Grandchildren for when they get married. This is the one that I picked out when I was about 10 or so! I guess I have always loved Pink!

I know Jen (and Timothy) will love that I posted this one, but I absolutely could not resist! Apparently when you are 8 years old, if you don't see the camera the camera does not see you! I love my Cousin's adorable Kids!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Addiction!

Hi Guys! I have been checking out my family and friend's blogs and I decided to give it a whirl! I know mine will never be as cute or creative but I figure it will be fun! I don't quite know where to start with all of this...
Eric and I got married almost a year ago (May 19th, 2007)! The majority of our fun usually includes Traveling! We went on our Honeymoon in Hawaii and visited 3 of the Islands. We also, have an annual trip with friends and family to Lake Powell. That is always the funnest week of the year! We made a trip to Phoenix in January so that I could accomplish one of my Life Goals to Run a Half Marathon! The experience was amazing and I finished the 1/2 in 2 Hours and 10 Minutes! I plan on doing many more! I lost a dear friend and coach to breast cancer right before I went to Phoenix to run, so most of the Events I do from here on out will be to benefit research and finding a cure for breast cancer.
I will be posting Pictures of the places we have seen and places we have gone to catch you all up!
Of course it isn't all play! We have been working too! The apartments keep us very busy, along with our "real" jobs! I also have been playing and coaching volleyball as often as I can. And of course fitting Mary Kay in wherever I can!