Monday, December 13, 2010


Well I was going to try and wait a full year to post again, but I didn't quite make it!
We have a lot going on right now that is so exciting!
The first and most exciting thing is... We are waiting (ever so patiently) to add little Miss Payton to our family.

We went and had the 4D image ultrasound thing done! It was really fun to see her and how much she already looks like Jocelyn (Just the chubby cheek thing, I guess)! We had them done a little later then people usually do them so she was really squished and it was hard to get her to move to a place we could get a good shot of her, but they turned out awesome!
We could not be more excited to get her here! I guess I am the most excited, because I am SOOO uncomfortable! She should arrive anyday, but if she is not here, Dr. Hansen is going to induce me this Thursday (December 16th)!

We are also so excited for Christmas! It will be Jocelyn's 2nd Christmas and Payton's 1st! We plan on staying in Green River and having my mom and dad, and Jodi's family come to us! For my niece Kymbree (Jodi's 8 month old daughter) it will also be her First Christmas so I am so excited they will be here and I will get to spend that time with her! I have been so excited that I set Christmas decorations up in the middle of November (back when I wasn't so huge and uncomfortable)! My siter Jodi and I also went and did Christmas Pictures with Jocelyn and Kymbree! Here are a few of the cutest ones!

I will post again soon with picures of the new baby, but until then I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas Season!