Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's been a while!

Well it is 4am and I can't sleep so I thought maybe I would go ahead and get semi-caught up on my blog! The past few months have been crazy with volleyball and being a mom, but we have had some fun time too!

Jocelyn's Blessing was so fun! We had family and friends to share the day with and she looked so cute in her dress! My dad did an amazing job with the blessing!

With Great Grandma Dean! Her first try of watermelon! She loved it!

Playing with Tara!

She had so much fun with al her friends and family! Thanks to all those that were there for making it such a special day!

Uncle Rob came to visit in August and when he comes we can always be sure of some great pictures with his big fancy camera! Here are a few!

Grandpa Shantz and Baby J having some play time!

Definately one of my favorites!

Enjoying some time out at the Gorge!

I have been snapping pictures here and there when we are just hangin out! Here are some of my favorites!

This is one of the weekends that Aunt Jodi came to watch the baby! Jocelyn loves Aunt Jodi!

Like Tanessa, Jocelyn's favorite toy is my cell!
A mini Eric look!

And here are some of my NOT favorites...

The other day I was thinking I had not added FB Photos for a while, so I went and grabbed my camera! I proceded to download all the photos... To my surprise I found these wonderful pics! I guess this is what happens when dad babysits! Notice that she is actually touching the ear!
Yes.. and we may as well get Grandpa Norm in trouble too!
Well that is a bit of a highlight of the pat few months! I will try to be a little more dilagent about keeping caught up!