Friday, October 31, 2008


No pictures but I wanted to let all of you know that I coach the greatest group of girls in the world! We are at the State Tourney right now and we came in as the #4 seed in the west. We are a very young team and were very excited to make it to state but we have talked all week about what we needed to do to beat Sheridan (the #1 seed from the East). My girls knew they could do it and have set goals to be in the Championship game at state! I am so proud that they have taken the first step to reach that very lofty goal! Any of you volleyball fans that would like to come watch we play at 6pm tonight against Kelly Walsh (another very good but beatable team)! GO WOLVES!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My "Job"

This would be my day job! We have been busy working on the addition for "the new addition". I just thought you all might want to see our progress. This is the living room filled with boxes of bathroom cabinets(half of those are now gone)!
Last week we spent our time tiling and putting floor heat in the bathrooms. I finished grouting the small bathroom before I left for Casper and my in-laws grouted the big bathroom this weekend while Eric was in Evanston helping my dad and I was in Casper coaching volleyball!
We spent Sunday putting up lights and getting some cabinets in the small bathroom! We are so close that it is almost starting to look like a house! It is so fun to do it all yourself! You put so much work into it and when it starts to come together it is so rewarding! Our goal is to have it done by February but Eric says it will be done by Christmas!
I have also made a color choice for the baby's room! It is called Champagne Elegance. It is a really light pink. I got the idea off of Pottery Barn Kids. They had really light walls and bright, fun decorations and bedding and stuff! So that is what I am going for. Eric is even OK With it because it is REALLY light (he thinks it looks white). So we have found something that is good for both of us, now just to find a name that we both like! I also want to give a special thanks to our little helpers, Boo, Zoe, and Spicey. They have spent as much time up there as we have!

Monday, October 20, 2008

My poor Baby Boo!

I think Boo and Zoe have been watching too much Queer Eye for the Straight Guy! This weekend Boo (or Zoe) decided that Boo needed to was his back hair. Here is the story... On Saturday when I got home from a long weekend in Casper for volleyball. Boo and Zoe were chasing each other around the house (aka: Zoe was teasing and chasing Boo- She is so mean like that!) All the sudden my scentsy candle came crashing down off the end table! At first I was just worried about the curtains and wall and pillows that had some wax on them. While I was trying to get it all cleaned up I looked over and Boo was just sitting there, like this...
At first I was scared that it had burned him so I went and ran his little body in freezing cold water. Thank goodness Scentsy candles are made for the safety of children and do not burn!
So what to do??? Eric tried to start cutting but, if any of you know Boo you know that I am his one and only! (OK he likes my mom and my Sister too, but that is about it) Once Eric left I started snipping away. The wax was right down to his skin so the electric razors would not work, so for 2 Days I snipped and snipped! This is his new hair cut!
It is soo Ugly and there is still wax but he seems a little more comfortable! Poor Baby!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


This is my awesome team! I am always so proud of them. Being a head coach is so much harder then I thought it would be. It is not just coaching volleyball, you have to be a travel agent, an HR manager, a nutritionist, a trainer, a public relations manager, and a chaperon. I will say that it is all worth it! I would not trade any of them for anyone in the whole State!
I have some JV pictures so I will post them. No varsity pictures! I am sort of preoccupied with other things when they are playing! These are pictures from the Evanston game (in Evanston). My varsity team ended up WINNING! But it was not an easy task. Playing Evanston in Evanston is not ever easy, the environment is a little bit say the least!
Here is Kenzie and Katie diving for the ball! I tell them to move their feet and run to the ball instead of diving so much but obviously they don't think I am very smart :).
Here is Danielle having an awesome Block at the net!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

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1. Being a mom and getting to see Eric be the cutest Dad EVER! (SOON-----YEA!!!)
2. Coaching Green River Volleyball
3. Cleaning (I know this is very strange for me!!!)


1. Not being the best mom that my baby deserves.
2. Not being the best coach that my girls deserve.
3. Jodi and Matt moving far away and only getting to see my sis a couple times a year!

Current Obsessions/Collections

1. Coupons
2. Blogging! (Well, reading others blogs and Decorating my blog, I never have anything that great to say)
3. Baby Names and Nursery Themes!

Random Facts

1. I am planning on doing another 1/2 Marathon in June of 2009, just to get my butt back into shape! Anybody who would like to join me in this craziness is welcome! The more the better!

2. I HATE and LOVE hunting Season (Thank Goodness for Volleyball or I might go crazy!!!)
3. I love the snow right now but I know I will be wanting to move to Phoenix by November!

Kristi, Jen, Lisa, Anybody else who would like to!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Butterflies in my Tummy!

Well, I finally felt my baby girl move on Friday October, 4, 2008! It was during a volleyball game and it felt like butterflies in my Tummy! It was so cute! I have heard people say it feel like gas and stuff, so I was always thinking...'that doesn't sound like a pleasant feeling!' But I will tell you it was the best feeling in the world! I wish she would move all the time!
Last night my team was playing Star Valley and before the game I was sitting and talking to one of my girls and I felt something so Strong that it felt like my pants came undone. It was the weirdest thing, but yet SO AWESOME!
So far I have only felt her while I was coaching volleyball, so watch out Misty May! She definitely loves volleyball!
For those that are wondering, when I went out to check out Eric's (HUGE!?!?) Elk that he got this year I felt nothing! THANK GOODNESS!